Only the dead can know peace from this fun

Dubble the trubble.
Tripple the cripple.
Quaddruple the scruple.
Quinttuple the thermocouple.
Dubble release this time.

Looks like I need someone to proofread my uploading. Crikey







Addicted to Curry - Volume 12 Chapter 119: The Artisan Family and the Lovely Sight Before the Kettle

Bambino! Secondo - Volume 04 Chapter 34: Prayer

6 thoughts on “Only the dead can know peace from this fun”

  1. Did you mistakenly repost a link to chapter 33 instead of chapter 34?

    Anyway, thanks for the Bambino.

  2. Thank you for translating Bambino Secondo. I won’t be trying to duplicate any of his heart recipe since I don’t have quintuple the thermocouples for my stove.

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