Bambino! Secondo Vol 3 Ch 29 Release. Also, Ch 113 AtC was released but wasn’t announced (but it is now)

Bambino! Secondo - Volume 03 Chapter 29: Gift

5 thoughts on “Bambino! Secondo Vol 3 Ch 29 Release. Also, Ch 113 AtC was released but wasn’t announced (but it is now)”

  1. Chapters 28 and 29 remind me of what Sony had done in the USA for their movie reviews. Sony had created their own movie critics and then built up their credibility reputations. Those critics then reviews of movies and typically gave positive reviews on Sony movies. They got caught eventually and a scandal occurred. The time frame for this was sometime before the Sony music CD scandal where Sony was putting spyware onto their music CDs which would install a rootkit onto your personal computer.

      1. What’s annoying is that some reviewers do take payola or studio-funded travel junkets. It’s probably why you might see a few glowing reviews opposing the mass of negative reviews for an obviously “not good” movie. I’ve seen some strange reviews before where pretty much all the other critics panned a movie but a few prominent reviewers would make a positive review that was “out of character” for them. Normally, that reviewer would have blasted that movie. I usually thought these out-of-character reviews were the result of the reviewer “selling out” for that review due to an offer that s/he couldn’t refuse. Siskel and Ebert on their movie review show (1990’s) more than once commented about how studios choose to invite or not invite reviewers on expense-paid travel junkets in order to review movies. I guess it would be worth quite a bit to be given all-expense-paid trips to Sundance, Cannes Fillm Festival, Capri, or any of the other major film festivals or media galas held all over the world.

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